CASE STUDY – Valerie Mambu, CLL Brussels, Belgium

In this video case study, English teacher Valerie Mambu shares her experience of using Beyond and the impact it has had on her classroom.

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REVIEW – Pete Sharma


“Beyond is a lively six-level course for teenagers. Ten units cover grammar, vocabulary and language skills. There are regular review sections and exam tips. The Life Skills strand is noteworthy. This covers areas like getting organised, non-verbal communication, assertiveness and self-confidence; the content is appropriate for the students’ age. The useful ‘Words and Beyond’ pages contain ideas for vocabulary expansion. Many topics are motivating: the Beatles’ childhood homes, fashion and home-schooling. The student resource centre on the web provides extra materials, including engaging video clips and worksheets. The busy layout and vibrant design should appeal to the target users. Worth investigation.”

Reviewed by Pete Sharma, EL Gazette July 2014



Beyond – meticulously researched and created by inspiring authors and visionary editors. It’s the ideal course for dedicated teachers and inquisitive students in the 21st century classroom.”



Yordanka Kavalova, Beyond Publisher